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Located in the heart of the charming Metsovo town, in the lush nature of the Pindos Mountain, lies Hotel Bitouni – a refined combination of the classic Greek experience and modern convenience. Overlooking the town and surrounded by mesmerizing mountain landscapes, this cozy abode offers a perfect place of repose for those who wish to both relax and discover new spaces and destinations.

Each of the rooms and suites in Hotel Bitouni is designed to radiate calmness and warmth. Both the interior and the essential amenities in each living unit are arranged with care to make the guests’ rest as comfortable as possible. Moreover, the balconies overlook the serene vistas of the Pindos Mountains from one side and the town from another, which offers a perfect escape after a long day of striving.

Most importantly, however, Hotel Bitouni staff is available at all times to ensure that every guest feels welcome and is provided the best care possible. The team is also willing to provide advice on which local places to visit and which tavernas to try – ensuring that the guest makes the most of their stay.

Hotel Bitouni is ideally situated to explore the wonders of the Metsovo town and region. The Attractions such as the Averoff Gallery and the Tositsa Museum are within reach for guests who thrive for the local culture exploration. Outdoorsy folk can enjoy the surrounding landscape by hiking or skiing, while art- and nature-lovers can experience the unique local events organized throughout the year.

In the evening, after the day of activities, the guests can relax in the cozy lounge, equipped with an inviting fireplace. And in the morning, they are greeted by a hearty breakfast buffet offering local tastes to give a good start to the day.

Enjoy a weekend full of rest, or come for a long stay to dive deep into the Greek getaway at Hotel Bitouni.